• Cassandra Cassandra This painting shows the abduction of Cassandra by Ajax after the city of Troy has been sacked. Created by Solomon Joseph Solomon in 1886
  • Cassandra Cassandra This image is a wood engraving of Cassandra yelling at Helen as Troy is being burned in the background. This engraving is titled “Helen and Cassandra” done by, Frederick Sandys in 1866
  • Cassandra Cassandra A picture of Princess Cassandra of Troy imploring Athena to gain revenge on Ajax the Lesser by Jerome Martin Langlois (who lived from 1779-1839)
  • Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London); Cassandra in front of the burning city of Troy at the peak of her insanity
  • Cassandra Cassandra Bronze sculpture of Cassandra
  • Cassandra Cassandra During the Trojan War, Cassandra was attacked by Ajax the Lesser in the Temple of Athena. The scene is illustrated in this painting from a house in Italy


Cassandra, in greek mythology, is the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. The god Apollo granted her the ability to see and hear the future but once she denied the god’s attempt at seduction he transformed her gift into a curse. Apollo did not take away her ability to tell the future instead he made it so no one would ever believe her future tellings causing people to think she is somewhat crazy at times.