• Helen Helen Samuel Barber’s work Andromache’s Farewell
  • Helen Helen As shown in a PBS home video.
  • Helen Helen Hector and Andromache's Farewell. Painted by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein
  • Helen Helen The New York Times said, "The face that launched a thousand ships? Endpaper from 'Helen of Troy.'
  • Helen Helen Painted by Tales Beyond Belief: Helen of Troy – Demigod
  • Helen Helen Howard David Johnson painted Helen of Troy
  • Helen Helen As portrayed in a movie


When Troy fell, Odysseus and Menelaus found Helen with Deiphobus. Menelaus killed Deiphobus (perhaps aided by Helen herself). Although Menelaus had intended to kill his unfaithful wife, her charms captivated him once again and he put her on his ship, announcing that he would kill her later. After seven years of travel on the sea, Helen and Menelaus reached Sparta and Menelaus had all but forgotten Helen's betrayal.