• Poseidon Poseidon This is a sculpture of Poseidon in Rome, Italy
  • Poseidon Poseidon An artists' digital rendering of Poseidon
  • Poseidon Poseidon Outside of Poseidon's Fury water ride in Universal's Islands of Adventure
  • Poseidon Poseidon Hand painted religious oil painting on canvas of Poseidon
  • Poseidon Poseidon This sculpture of Poseidon sits in the port of Copenhagan


Poseidon, God of the Sea, has the power to calm the seas and make it rain. Often, sailors would pray to him for safe voyage and make sacrifices to him, typically by drowning a horse. Poseidon is normally seen with a triton, a powerful three-pronged fishing spear that gave him the power to raise tempests and cause earthquakes.